The HERO team is rooted in the rescue dog world and are social entrepreneurs. They have deep experience in creating and growing meaningful companies, building brand advocacy, and connecting people, passion and mission. 

Why Hero? 

After years of volunteering with shelter dogs all across the midwest, we needed to do something more. These dogs need help, they need volunteers, they need love, they need foster homes, but the thing we heard over and over again from people outside the rescue industry was "I had no idea this was a problem" -- they needed a bigger voice.  

The HERO team has experience working with some of the world's biggest brands (Starbucks, Purina, United Health Care, Mayo Clinic). They understand the power of a brand and the effect that it can have in raising awareness, creating preference, and building advocacy. The mission with HERO is to do just that for rescue dogs.   


The time I spend in shelters is heartbreaking, so many dogs that need a chance - they need somebody to believe in them. That’s why I created HERO, to be something bigger, to be something more, a vehicle to drive awareness and status for the dogs that deserve it.
— Amber Rhodes, Founder.



Amber Rhodes 

  • Animal advocate
  • World's best dog mom
  • Social entrepreneur 
  • PETA's sexiest vegetarian next door '09
  • Owner of Modern Life Photo
  • Lobbied on capitol hill for animal rights
    and rescue

Matt Johnson 

  • Digital director 
  • World's best dog hiker
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Partner at GoKart Labs
  • Outdoor lover   
  • Dog snuggler


Rowdy - the original HERO dog

Rowdy - the original HERO dog

Roxy - a deaf HERO dog and amazing sidekick 

Roxy - a deaf HERO dog and amazing sidekick